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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 2, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PST

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national christmas tree. it's a tradition dating back to president calvin coolige. that's it for special report, eastern. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. >> in gingrich's case, there is unusually help prepond rains of the bad quality. >> bill: the american left opens up on newt gingrich, but so does ron paul who attacks the speaker in a vicious ad. >> he is demonstrating to beat the washington insider. >> bill: laura ingraham will analyze gingrich under scrutiny. >> you're not supposed to be drinking on your lunch break. >> bill: a defense contractor worker drinking and getting stoned on the job. wait until you see this. >> you already got two felonies, man. i know you're a pot head. >> bill: one of the women who was accusing herman cain of being evicted from her home.
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megyn kelly on that. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the upcoming romney-gingrich shootout. that is the sum of this evening's talking points memo. viewers are correct when writing anything could happen in iowa. the caucus vote is small, conservative and a big surprise could be coming on january 3. but there is no question that the trend line is way up for newt gingrich, way down for herman cain, and declining somewhat for mitt romney. the latest rasmussen poll among likely republican voters says gingrich at 38%. romney, 17. all the other contenders are in single digits. the rise of gingrich is causing some angst in the romney camp. as demonstratorred by his interview with bret baier earlier this week. romney is rightly frustrated, every time he turns around,
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there is another surging candidate. first it was michelle bachmann, then rick perry and herman cain and now newt gingrich. he got a bit testy, which could be a good thing if he decides to become more aggressive. but if he comes across as petulant, that will hurt him. newt gingrich was right, he told us last summer that his campaign would not be traditional, that bringing his message directly to the folks through cable tv news mainly fox, would make him a contender, and that's exactly what has happened. also mr. gingrich has done well in the debate, hammering some moderators who are perceived as liberals and generally showing a mastery of public policy. romney has done well in debate, but not as conservative as newt gingrich and in the primaries that puts him at a disadvantage. puts him at a disadvantage. on the democratic side, president obama would rather run against newt gingrich than mitt romney because the governor is likely to rally independents and even some conservative democrats
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to his cause. while mr. gingrich is largely -- however, gingrich could very likely outdebate barak obama who is no slouch in that area. three obama-gingrich debates would attract massive interest. the democrats and the republicans now know mr. gingrich is a player. so the attacks are being stepped up. >> in gingrich's case, there is an unusually heavy preponderance of evidence of the bad qualities. he and romney, if this is the republican nomination battle now, it does not speak well for being a man of principle. >> bill: frank's assessment is predictable. but listen to ron paul, who hammers newt gingrich in an internet ad. >> we don't always see eye to eye. do we, newt? >> no, but we do agree, our country must take action to address climate change. >> i don't think right wing social engineering is any more desirable than left wing social engineers. >> with allies like that, who needs the left?
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>> $1.6 million. some of it just before the housing market collapsed. >> newt gingrich renewed his support for an individual mandate a key tenant to president obama's health care law. >> that's about serial hypocrisy. >> bill: i don't think newt and paul will be dining any time soon. that's a memo. now for the top story, reaction from the laura ingraham inc. ale what about that ron paul ad? >> he came on my radio show today and i asked him about it and he repeated the charge that it's clear in that ad that he thinks newt gingrich is something of a hypocrite. that newt gingrich will sort of barge into a scene and start spouting ideas that may or may not conflict with previous positions he had and a lot of them, this is according to paul, are very grandiose, but in the
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end, what ron paul has said is that they're not particularly conservative. now, that's going to be the hit from someone like a ron paul and meanwhile, you see people like chris christie who are coming out as surrogates for mitt romney and saying look, he never ran anything. we saw what happened when we had another guy in the white house who was a consummate legislator, but never ran anything. of course, he was talking about barak obama. so the heat is being turned up on gingrich as mitt romney thought this was going to be kind of a jovial and even keeled holiday season. but it's turning out to be anything but for the romney campaign. >> bill: i don't quite understand paul. instead of saying look, i'm better than newt gingrich. this is why in an ad, he tries to take gingrich out. >> he has to, though. >> bill: i don't know about that. >> i think he has to because ron paul is hit kind of a ceiling, at least so far, in his support. so if he's going to have any chance of having a conservative resurgence toward his candidacy, newt gingrich can't be the guy
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to sail noose iowa -- >> bill: but the way paul is doing it is very vicious, it's very personal, calling him names. he's a hypocrite, he's this, he's that. and i got to say, i don't think conservative republicans will respond to that kind of an attack on another conservative republican. >> yeah. i think it's kind of what ron paul has to do. i think everyone knows what he stands for. he's been very clear in what he stands for. his economic policy, and in order to shake it up at this point, remember, we have about 2 1/2 weeks before people really start to focus on christmas and the holidays. so you don't have a lot of time. so people have to make their in roads quickly. >> bill: all right. now, the left obviously you expect them to go after gingrich and romney, whoever is going to be a threat to president obama. but the label that romney is going to have to deal with, and we saw this with bret baier, is the flip flop label. okay? that's going to be on him now 'til he dies. he's never going to get rid of
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it. so what should he do, whether it's a republican coming after him or a democrat coming after him about that? >> look, the pieces of paper out there, some of them are more fair than others and i think fact check on "washington post" did a really good job of going through that recent dnc attack on romney as a flip flopper. nevertheless, he has evolved and he admitted it on positions that he's taken on life, other stuff on assault weapons ban and things like that. but he has to move the conversation quickly, bill, to the nation in crisis, the nation is rudderless today in a president-elect obamaal economic meltdown potential. i'm the best up with to guide us through that and to make sure that this next century, as he said this week, is the american century. he's got to pivot to where his strengths are, which is to manage in a crisis. he knows how to do that. those are his strengths. >> bill: i don't know that he knows how to do that more than newt gingrich does. you got two guys who say i'm the smartest guy in the room.
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they're both going to say that. i'm the smartest guy in the room. if i were governor romney, i would try to make light of the flip flop thing because what he came across with bret baier is testy. >> that was -- no, no, no. you and i talked about this. i don't see how people think at this point with your show and others that it's a good idea to go up to an anchor as fair and also nice -- i don't say that in a mean way, but nice as bret baier, to say, that was uncalled for. i mean, you have to know that that anchor, whoever it is -- >> bill: that's what i'm talking about. romney has got to stop that. he's got to accept the fact that the flip flop label is going to be on him and gingrich is going o have to accept the label of baggage on him. and gingrich has done pretty well with that. he's said, i convert to do catholicism, i'm a different person now. >> but he also has policies. >> bill: so does romney.
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>> dnc ad, the ron paul ad as an evolver and his position. so both of those are out there. the question for conservatives who are watching this show tonight is are either of these candidates really kind of the people you want to carry that mantle forward of reagan conservatism? is it gingrich with his kind of big idea conservatism sitting on the couch with nancy pelosi, said that was a mistake, but that was a pretty significant ad. or is it mitt romney from massachusetts who -- >> bill: i think what it's going to come down for republican voters is whether they're going to put the economy above ideology because you're looking at a hard core conservative gingrich and a moderate conservative with romney. and they never are going to be able to change that. that's who they are. >> bill, in trade. tonight has mitt romney down at 47%.
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>> bill: listen, you got to give it to newt gingrich. his surge has been impresssive. laura, thank you. next, a big junkhe work t for fannie mae and freddie mac employees. wait until you hear this. one of the women who accused herman cain getting evicted from her home. megyn kelly with details on that, u
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>> bill: in the impact segment, as you may know, fannie mae and freddie mac, owe we the people, us, $141 billion. as we reported, top executives and those concerns are set to receive $100 million in compensation in a two-year period ending december 31 this year. that's not all. about 100 fannie and fred employees traveled to chicago, a little junket. here to tell us about that, fox business anchor, stuart varney. look, am i overstating this? i mean, 100 employees go from dc to chicago. >> hyatt regency hotel. >> bill: nice dig. >> for a conference from the north banksers association, is hundred of them go out there to attend. they spend $640,000 on travel and rooms. 342,000 travel and rooms. $74,000 on four nice dinners for their customers. $140,000 in sponsorship.
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around $30,000 for registration fees. total out the door, $640,000 worth of travel expenses. >> bill: for how long? >> two or three days. >> bill: so they owe us $141 billion, the folks, they owe the folks and rack up this. i don't understand why 100 had to go. couldn't ten go? >> they say they were getting all of these people in one place so they could maximize the number of meetings with customers and save money 'cause they got them all in one place at one time. >> bill: i don't know whether that's true or not. do you? >> yes, i believe it's true. that's what they said. >> bill: no, no. but is it true that they're going to save money by doing this? >> i don't know about saving money, but it does get them all in one place. >> bill: all right. it gets them all in one place. >> you can say that about any meeting, couldn't you? >> bill: but they say we got to pay 100 million in compensation over two years because if we tonight attract thest and brightest -- >> he remember the bankers after the bailout when they went to those lavish junkets?
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they were outraged. now fannie mae and freddie mac, 100 employee, this is an organization that lost hundreds of billions of dollars. >> bill: they don't seem to be watching our dough. >> these housing agencies have always been perk banks. >> bill: this is junket central here. >> they haven't changed. >> bill: okay. insider trading bill. we have to have them so that congress and "60 minutes" a few weeks ago exposed nancy pelosi and john boehner for sweetheart insider trading stock buys and now what is the proposed law going to say? >> what we make it, members of congress subject to the same rules that we are subject to. that is you get some inside information, you can not buy or sell stock on the basis of that inside information. at the moment, you and i cannot do that. we get some inside information, we trade on it, we go to jail. >> bill: like martha stewart. >> precisely. members of congress, another
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story entirely. >> bill: why an exemption for them? >> i don't know. it's historical, i guess. they've always been averse to any kind of reform. for them -- then "60 minutes" goes on the air and suddenly, this bill to make them follow the same rules as the rest of us has attracted 127 co-sponsors. >> bill: it will be interesting to see if there was somebody who would vote against that. you know? who is throwing -- it's going to go through the house first and then the senate? it's got to parks right? >> it has to. >> bill: barney could vote against it because he's not running again. >> but they crept under the radar for a long time. now the sunlight will disinfect them. >> bill: i love my country, but this stuff is outrageous. the stock market was up 500 points yesterday and today down 25, which is a neutral, doesn't really matter. but there is a report that most people like me, i guess you, who are just wage earners, we don't have any uncle in the business, are getting out of the market.
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they don't like the swings, even up, down, in, out, is that correct? >> this is mostly anecdotal. i don't have information that the person has left the stock market. but people are fed up with it. up one day, down the next. remember, wall street has the same reputation now that it had after the 1930s depression. it was a bad place to be. >> bill: people think it's being manipulated, that they know what it's going on in europe and this is bad news. caterpillar is the last one i bought. >> how do you invest when there is a possibility that europe goes bust tomorrow? how do you invest? >> bill: i don't know. and this is holding everything back in this country. right? >> yes, it is. the european mess. >> look, will the euro collapse? you've got seven working days to find out. if the euro collapses, yes, yes,
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the dollar goes up. and runs into our debt as well. but it would be terrible for the stock market. how do you invest long-term? how do you invest your pension money. >> bill: are you staying out of the market, to? >> i'm scattered all over the place. some stocks, some bonds, some real estate, some followed. >> bill: you're not looking to buy now, are you? >> no, i'm not. >> bill: that's what dobbs says. he says he's holding what he has, but not getting a lot in. >> that's exactly what i'm doing. >> bill: all right. >> if i'm expanding anywhere, it's gold. >> bill: gold for stewart. don't get like big glenn beck. he demands to be paid in gold, beck. a truck has to come to his house. stuart varney, directly ahead, americans working on military combat vehicles caught drinking and drugging on the job. we'll show you what an undercover investigation found out. and later, the great american news quiz. the war on christmas edition, coming right back.
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>> bill: few months ago, we reported that the fox affiliate in detroit, wjbk, caught a number of auto workers drinking and smoking pot on their lunch hours. now reporter rob has found something even worse. some workers at the defense contractor tower defense and area space company were filmed boozing and smoking pot during their afternoon break. >> this is the factory in detroit. here is what they make parts for in the factory. and these are some of the people who work in the factory. you already got two felonies, man. i know you're a pot head. that's you though, right? >> that's me. >> you're not supposed to be drinking on your lunch break, are you? while our military is fighting for their lives and our freedom, these guys are fighting for their right to party.
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earlier this year, tower international a public company, took over the plant. it's 12 noon and the day shift files out for lunch. day after day, it was a party in the parking lot. out in the open, within sight of the factory. the factory where they make parts for armored vehicles for our soldiers and marines. these guys got their own sars national. they're smoking bankrupts. they say they promote a drug and alcohol free workplace. i can understand why. besides making parts for planes and military vehicles, working with heavy machinery is dangerous. this guy drives a high-low in the plant. it's not like all these guys are criminals and bad guys. these two got the good book and some good time. hallelujah. >> bill: joining us now from detroit is the reporter, rob. so you got three things in here as far as reaction. you got the company itself. you embarrassed them. obviously they could see this if
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they looked out the window. they weren't hiding it. what's the company's reaction? >> the company, they have suspended 17 of the workers that were identified in the video pending termination. they seem to be on top of it now. they claim they were doing their own investigation before we started investigating. however, we were watching for with a month and this was pretty much out in the open, pretty blatant. >> bill: every day, these guys doing this every day? >> yeah. it was every day. >> bill: for a month. >> it was one friday where it wasn't too busy. >> bill: we're not buying the company was vigilant about it, because they could see it if any of the management walked out, they could see it and these guys weren't afraid. the reason they're not afraid is because of the unions who, they were all in unions. as you previously report on the auto workers, the unions defend these guys no matter what they do, correct? >> well, you know, when i went into the story, i didn't know whether these guys were union,
2:25 am
who they were. all i know is they were building tanks, they were building parts for our soldiers and they were drinking and partying. >> bill: i know, but the company they're suspended -- >> i care -- >> bill: no, no. but they're suspended pending dismissal, but they have to go through the union -- i wonder what the union -- is this okay with the union? are they going to defend it in court? we don't know yet, right? >> i do not know. >> bill: okay. that would be an interesting story. the third element is the federal government who pays the company to build these things and to put together the parts to the military, as you pointed out, and what do they think? >> well, that's the real shocker. i'm not hearing anything from the government. i contacted senator levin, the chairman of the senate armed services committee and -- >> bill: he's the michigan guy? >> he's a michigan guy. we thought he would be all over this. we actually contacted him before
2:26 am
the story aired. we have not heard anything from him. i've heard from his office, just about an hour ago, says the senator is on the senate floor nonstop all week managing the defense authorization act. >> bill: that would give more money for these guys to build these things while they're out stoned out of their mind. well, look -- >> i certainly think he would be outraged. >> bill: you would think so. but levin is a guy who -- he's not -- i don't know. we'll call him, rob. you call him. we'll find out what he thinks about this. but this is serious business. we can't have these vehicles going over there made by people who are stoned out of their minds. good work, rob. we appreciate it. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along. one of the women who accused herman cain of bad stuff getting evicted from her home. megyn kelly on the story. then the great american news quiz, the war on christmas edition. you'll like it. we hope you stay tuned for those reports
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>> bill: culture warrior segment. "60 minutes" profiled taylor swift who said that she believes she has an obligation to provide a good wholesome imto american teen-agers, especially girls. but another pop idol, 19-year-old miley cyrus, taking another path. >> bill: you may remember she was cut on tape smoking something from a bong. margaret hoover, here in the studio, gretchen carlson. miss cyrus says she does not have an obligation to tell kids how to act and she was hannah montana in the disney cycle and a lot of young girls know her. i think she's on a down side of
2:31 am
her fame now. but her point is very -- look, parents are supposed to tell them. it's not my job. you and say? >> i say that's a disappointment. she could touch millions of young people in this nation if she so chose to do. the exact opposite of what taylor swift is doing. guess what she's quoted as saying? i wake up in the morning and think about millions of people i might affect based on my actions. >> bill: we'll get to her in a moment. but cyrus says, look, i'm still trying to figure this out myself. so don't put me in a position where i'm going to have to tell america's children how to behave because i guess she doesn't really know how to behave. >> that's what she said. she's still trying to figure out. that's honest. >> her parents are still trying to figure it out. billy ray cyrus has gone on record that said fame has something to do with the family's troubles. now fame is a different animal. you've got to be careful with it. >> bill: absolutely. fame can destroy if you you don't -- >> and money. >> bill: do you think that miss cyrus is doing something wrong?
2:32 am
>> i'm disappointed in her actions. >> bill: that she isn't standing up and trying to be a little bit more positive. how do you see it, hoover? did cyrus do anything wrong? >> she says it's not up to her. she hasn't figured it out yet. but let's think about the difference between the two of them. cyrus is basically a disney packaged phenomenon whose parents are very ambitious, eager for fame, whereas taylor swift on the contrary is actually an authentic, self-made artist. so taylor swift figured out a little bit more about who she is as a person, who her values are and morals are and what her responsibilities are to young women in america, whereas cyrus is actually genuinely been thrust into this position by disney. >> bill: i don't know if i'm buying that. >> she doesn't have much of a sense of herself. >> bill: what i'm getting from you is that you believe that both cyrus and taylor swift have a responsibility. >> absolutely. >> bill: to american young people, to guide them a certain way. you believe they do?
2:33 am
>> i do. and swift actually says, every singer who is on the radio, their words are raising the next generation of women. and she takes that responsibility very seriously and she's absolutely right. kudos to her. it's such a breath of fresh air. >> and i believe she's an anomaly in this whole thing. that's a sad statement on where we stand in society right now, that we would actually believe taylor swift is the anomaly. in other words, she hasn't gotten into trouble with drugs and alcohol. >> bill: we hope she doesn't, but you never know. things turn out sometimes crazy. but i think the older viewers don't understand right now the dependence that young americans -- i'm saying nine years old to 15 -- how the media has just overrun their lives and yes, parents have a responsibility, mightily cyrus is right, to guide the kids in the right direction. but the media is so pervasive and powerful, hoover, that i think these stars, like cyrus
2:34 am
and swift, have to think about it. go ahead. >> i agree they have to think about it. but look at the difference between their parents, too. you've seen this. we've seen it with milely cyrus, but look at britney spears, ashlee simpson and jessica simpson. lindsay lohan' folks. kids have had some degree of celebrity and their parents are thrusting it upon them, whereas swift's parents are much more laid back. >> bill: low key. i met swift's mother and she seems like a nice woman. >> here is something that's very interesting. the latest study said who do children still look up to more than anyone else? their parents. >> bill: yeah, parents. >> where do singers stand? 10%. >> bill: ladies, as always, thanks very much. when we come back, megyn kelly on one of herman cain's accusers being evicted from her home. also, singer wycliff jean under fire for allegedly misusing charitable money.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the kelly file segment, you may remember one of herman cain's accusers, a woman named sharon bialek. she says mr. cain did not treat her nicely in the '90s. now her landlord is evicting her. here to tell us is megyn kelly. is this guy a cain supporter? is this pay back? >> he'd like pay back. that's what he'd like. she is $7,500 behind in her rent, according to this chicago landlord who says the rent is like three grand a month. so probably -- >> bill: 2 1/2 months. >> she hasn't paid and is going into finally collect payment. it doesn't necessarily mean it's political. it means he wants his payment. >> bill: a little transaction that she doesn't pay the rent and he wants her out of there so he can get another renter in who will pay.
2:39 am
>> yeah. >> bill: 3,000 in chicago, that's a nice spot. >> yeah, apparently she has a nice spot. this isn't the first time she's had a landlord pursue her for past rent nor is it the first time that the irs and state and federal irs has gone after her. she's obviously had problems. >> bill: she has tax problems, too? >> she's had bankruptcies in the past, tax problems and now she's having current money problems. >> bill: how hard is it to get people who fall behind in their mortgage? >> hard. it's hard. >> bill: it is. >> because it used to be easy and landlords would take advantage of tenants who had fallen behind a little bit. you can't throw somebody out after one month of nonpayment. >> bill: but you have to go to a j the judge has to rule. >> there is all sorts of stuff. if they serve you wrong, you can delay it by months. it can take up to and beyond a year to get somebody who is not paying out. >> bill: he's just filing the initial papers here? >> yes. >> bill: now, in penn state, there are people coming out, i'd
2:40 am
say every week we hear of another. now there is the first lawsuit against the former coach, sandusky, who is under indictment. i think that this is going to open the flood gates, just like it did in the catholic church. >> there will be plenty more. it's interesting because the guy who is representing this one victim that has now filed the civil lawsuit is a guy who had a lot of success suing the catholic church. >> bill: this is what they specialize in. and i'm not putting them down or anything like that. but a guy like sandusky charged with criminal offenses can then expect just droves of people to come after him and penn state, too. >> yes, because sandusky is not the deep pocket. they're going after penn state and after the charity, second mile, which is the group through which this boy, who is now 29, but was -- >> bill: that's not going to lead anywhere because they shut that down now. >> you have to find out what they knew. but the lawsuit against penn state is something else. because they've got evidence right now that penn state did know there was a problem with
2:41 am
this guy. none the less, let him back on the premises with young bay and engaged, some proof of, in a cover up. >> bill: the lawsuit will be centered on sandusky and the university and syracuse university can pretty much count on the same thing, right? >> that's a different story. >> bill: why? >> it's not clear how much the university knew. i think they're in a different position than penn state. the coach may be it's the same deal, but the university, you have to prove that they knew something and didn't act. so far i haven't seen that in the syracuse case. but penn state, different story. >> bill: you know this guy, wycliff jean? >> i really don't. >> bill: not really on this? he's around. i'm not a big fan, but i know who he is. now, he puts himself up as a haitian patriot, singing about -- thinking about running for president, raised a lot of money after the earthquake there, but now reports are that there are millions of dollars missing in his charity. >> they say that he got about
2:42 am
$16 million into his charity after the haitian earthquake and that less than a third of that apparently, according to the new york post, went to emergency efforts, they said, one million was paid to a florida firm that doesn't appear to exist. it was registered, but they couldn't find it. they went down there. >> bill: that's a criminal offense. is that not a criminal offense? >> the guy behind that who received the million dollars, it's now a gas station that nobody heard of the phi, he said there was an earthquake happening. we didn't, like, necessarily file all the right paper and so on. but we did do the relief work. we got paid. it was legit and that the new york post is out to get wycliff jean and this charity and didn't report it fairly. >> bill: but let's say that the money is not accountable. they can't find where the money was spent. it's not going to be, well, it was an earthquake and we didn't fill out the paperwork. >> if they can prove fraud. >> bill: isn't that a criminal offense? >> yes. >> bill: i'm not saying wycliff
2:43 am
jean is guilty of anything. i'm just saying it's chaos and i said that from the very beginning. >> one of the companies that got a bunch of the dough is related to him. it's like owned by his brother-in-law. >> bill: yeah. >> he got in trouble years ago for giving money to some television station that he ran and his cousin ran. so it's sort of self dealing, which doesn't smell good when you're talking about charity. >> bill: you want to make a prediction whether he'll be indicted, wycliff jean? >> he's not going to be indicted? >> bill: you don't think so? >> this is not enough evidence. >> bill: shouldn't somebody be investigating it? >> other than the post? i don't know. i don't know if they've got it, bill. because their biggest complaint that there is a bunch of money that hasn't been accounted for. the charity has come out and said, first of all, wycliff is gone, and secondly, all that money is still sitting in the coffe are, s -- >> bill: they have to prove they didn't mismanage it. >> and it's true of the red cross. >> bill: megyn kelly, everybody. the great american news quiz on deck. the war on christmas edition.
2:44 am
meantime, an anchor on cnn says that war doesn't exist. we'll examine that in pinheads s we'll examine that in pinheads s and patriots and we'll be right
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>> bill: the great memory news quiz, the war on christmas edition. we'll show you a cnn anchor who apparently believes the war on christmas doesn't exist. now fox news anchor martha mccallum playing for tony thompson from south carolina and steve tuesdayy representing melinda participaten from california. if you would like to win great prizes, sign up on my web site. you ready? >> you bet. >> bill: governor lincoln chafee in rhode island is causing a stir in his state.
2:48 am
>> lawmakers voted to call this a christmas tree. but the governor calls it a holiday tree. >> i have my own religious views as a government official, i want to keep it separate. >> bill: he looks like doocy, that guy! the same dopey hair cut. >> hey! >> bill: governor chafee says the state's founder was a proponent of operation of church and state. of course, that has nothing to do with it. what was that founder's name? a, roger williams, b, thomas hooker, c, john willright, d, james edward olele thorpe. roger williams is correct. they're ignoring me, ladies and gentlemen. >> what? >> bill: question 2, the dreaded phrase, happy holidays, was actually coined during a song in the bing crosby movie "holiday inn."
2:49 am
who was his co-star? >> a, bob hope, b, louis armstrong, c, fred mcmurray, d, fred astaire? who stared with him in the holly movie and roll the tape. >> on this day of independence ♪ ♪ on this independence day ♪ . >> bill: yes, the answer is fred astaire for all you people who are not serious. you got it right? >> absolutely. >> bill: you got it wrong. >> so? >> bill: so chafee is down. >> call me governor. >> bill: mccallum goes into a rare lead. in 2008, atheists in washington state put up a display in the capitol building mondayoring the winter solstice. at the state capitol building in olympia. there is a display feature ago nativity because christmas honors the birth of jesus, and now a sign deny grading religion
2:50 am
that was put up by atheists. >> the season of the winter solstice may reason prevail. there are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. >> bill: ho, ho, ho. that's the christmas spirit there. what ancient monument is believed to have been built to perfectly alike with the sunset on the day of the winter solstice? a, stonehenge. which one is aligned? that's correct, stonehenge in england. you been there? >> yes. >> bill: very interesting. you got these big rocks. nobody knows how they got there. but i say a truck. >> what about when the grace worlds went on vacation and knocked it over? you didn't see that? "european vacation." >> that was so funny. >> bill: please tell the governor to refrain from speaking unless spoken to. question 4, one of the biggest critics of the show's defense of christmas is jon stewart.
2:51 am
>> mr. o'reilley objects to the use of the phrase, happy holidays, as anti-christian. for some people, there was a celebration of the new year. >> i suppose you could say merry christmas and a happy new year, but you probably have (bleep) to do. >> bill: okay. stewart got teed off when i gave his network comedy central, what nickname? what ignited stewart? a, a christmas hater central. b, grinch central. c, liberal central. d, secular central. and the answer is secular. >> that sounds like something you would say. >> bill: of course, because that's what i wrote about in culture warrior. you can use it on your show. all right. now, mccallum leads by one with one to go. and here is the last question. one of the program's biggest victory, "the factor," in the war on christmas came in 2006 when a large retailer announced
2:52 am
they would put the word christmas back into their advertising. which retailer did that? a, wal-mart, b, target, c, best buy, d, sears. which retailer came to its senses? roll the tape. julie, the senior vp of marketing and communications for wal-mart. last year you were hesitant to say merry christmas. this year you are the christmas guys. what happened? >> we did make the change because last year, our customers told us that for them, saying christmas was much more meaningful than saying happy holidays. >> bill: the answer was wal-mart. they both got it correct and so mccallum wins the war on christmas. governor chafee loses. doocy, this opens a big opportunity for you. >> i can go up there and write hot checks? >> bill: no, i'll have waters kidnap the governor and you just sit there and reverse everything he's done. >> doesn't that make other people watching this
2:53 am
accessories? if he goes missing -- >> bill: they never watch this program. we'll work on it. martha, thanks very much. lincoln, thanks for coming in. pinheads and patriots patriots a moment. cnn anchor mocking fox news for
2:54 am
a first, big thank you to everyone buying christmas and
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hanukkah stuff. that means even more money donated to charities, and of course our military charities, so check all of them out on bill o' if you wanted signed, get the orders in now. and if you been a bill premium member, great gifts. the mail. emily: >> richard, rock lynn, california, why win newt gingrich gets testy, he i applauded for it but romney is held to a different standard.
2:56 am
>> please stop using dennis miller.
2:57 am
>> steven, sampson, las vegas. my son is serving in afghanistan. first christmas we will be apart please get in touch with it's shipping thousands of copies of "killing lincoln." >> the bidding is spirited on a warrior poster sign by the five living presidents, very valuable item, and if you donate $25 to the warriors you get a facsimile of the poster. it's on the cnn anchor -- >> there is a war on christmas? first bomb dropped in rhode island.
2:58 am
chaffee called the state christmas tree a holiday tree. fox news went crazy. >> well, with respect, miss gonzalez, all she has to do is look up the litigation to try to drive christmas out of the season. facts are facts, madam. lighten up. we would like you to start with us from anywhere in the world. the word of the day, do not be supersillous when you're writing to us. and tomorrow we go to the complaint department in the mail segment. you have a beef? got a complaint about anything? me, the show, anything at all in america, or britain or australia. if you have a beef, we want to hear about it.
2:59 am
the complaint tomorrow open. i am bill oreilly, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> tgif, everyone. it's december 2nd. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your friday with us today. for the first time since daniel pearl was captured and killed, al-qaida claims they have another american hostage and demands now for president obama. >> presidential candidate newt gingrich feeling pretty confident, don't you think? >> i'm going to be the nominee. it's very hard not to look at the recent polls that the odds are very high i'm going to be the nominee. >> did he say something about the polls? a look at the latest polls and why they might not be about newt at all. >> yep, and he insulted michelle bachmann with that


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